Automatic sliding door

  • SLIDER is the new automatic sliding door by RIB. It allows an installation complying with the new norms EN16005 and a conspicuous saving of energy for the end user (only 3W) when in stand-by, but also during the standard operation. The exclusive Led bar on the door front cover embellishes the entrance with a touch of technology and elegance
  • SLIDER permits to connect double technology infraredmicrowaves sensors able to recognize the walking direction so to avoid openings/closings in case of side passages thus avoiding temperature changes. In practical terms, the special sensor ACG9460 (page 66) recognize the lateral passages, e.g. people walking by on the street or to the side of the door, thus opening the door only when a person walks towards the door or stands in front of the door to enter. This sensor permits a huge energy saving by reducing the temperature changes inside the buildings